Installation Instructions

Optional Text to speech reader installation

  1. Download and Install the Java Runtime Environment 5.0.
  2. Once the JRE 5.0 is properly installed, download InstallAccessibarReader_0_1_0.jar  and evoke installer by double clicking or by entering the command:
    java -jar InstallAccessibarReader_0_1_0.jar from a command prompt.
  3. That's it!

• More detailed installation instructions can be found in the User's Guide. (Now in Wiki Format!)

May want to check out the known issues and update me if you find something not on the list.


Accessibar is dually licensed under the Mozilla Public License and the GNU General Public License.

Accessibar uses FreeTTS for its voice engine and the Java Speech API which carry the following license terms and acknowledgments.

For questions or comments about accessibar, please send a message to the project owner.
Copyright © 2004-2007. All rights reserved. Terms of Use.

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