What's New
  • Jun 18, 2008 - Version 0.7.8 released. Now working with Firefox 3!
  • Oct 18, 2007 - Version 0.7.7 released.
  • Sep 30, 2007 - New Russian locale for Accessibar

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Welcome to the Accessibar Project

What is Accessibar?
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Accessibar is a toolbar extension for Firefox which aims at providing various accessibility features for users who could benefit from them. These features primarily focus on the dynamic manipulation of the visual display of the web page in addition to the integration of a text to speech reader which can read out loud the browser's user interface as well as web page content.

The toolbar currently provides the following features:


Softpedia guarantees that Accessibar 0.7.3 is 100% CLEAN

Thank You Accessibar Supporters

A big thanks to those who have helped support Accessibar development:

Thank you Michael Little, Richard M Blot, Rusty's Rucksacks, Katy G. B., Chris Heady, Charles Lasitter, Jonathan Taylor, Euno Shin, Kira Martin and Andrey Shapran.

For questions or comments about accessibar, please send a message to the project owner.
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